New Director

Publié le August 1, 2022

Mr. Adyl SAYAGH appointed director of SAMANAH Golf on 01.08.2022 declares: "Everyone agrees on the fact that SAMANAH Golf is the cornerstone of the future of the "SAMANAH COUNTRY CLUB" project. importance of the tasks and responsibilities entrusted to me "Ad interim". To succeed in my task, I will need the unfailing mobilization of the members, subscribers and friends of SAMANAH Golf. This is why my first decision is to return to the members the privilege abandoned by my predecessor: The office of the sports association is immediately reintegrated into the management committee of SAMANAH Golf. I am very eager to listen and work with all to take up this shared challenge. I intend to carry out my task responsibly and do my best to live up to the expectations of the golfers of SAMANAH Golf."